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Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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The Monitor
The Monitor is the journal of the NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court. Published in English, Spanish and French, the Monitor is a critical tool for reaching a worldwide audience several times a year. Focusing on the International Criminal Court (ICC), it contains reports on developments around the world; information about new resources and upcoming events; and articles about topics related to the effort to ensure the International Criminal Court is fair, effective and independent. Since its first edition in 1996, well over one-hundred thousand printed copies have been distributed worldwide to governments, international organizations, academics, civil society groups and individuals.

For the past several years, we have published editions of the Monitor in English, Spanish and French with similar content in each version. Earlier years may have editions printed only in one language or with varying content between the language versions.

These resources are produced for the benefit of all those involved in the ICC process and we appreciate your help to ensure they are widely distributed. Please contact the Coalition at for more information, or to be added to our ICC Monitor mailing list.

* Please note the Spanish and French issues preceeded by * have different content and date than the English version.