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NGO Activities
NGO Activities
Members of the Victims Rights Working Group (VRWG) meet with Mrs. Simone Veil, the former Chair of the Board of the Trust Fund for Victims, to discuss the regulations of the Trust Fund during the Fourth Assembly of States Parties in December 2005.
NGOs have been extremely active in advocating for the adoption of the Trust Fund for Victims Draft regulations as approved by the Board of Directors. Indeed, the Victims Rights Working Group, established in 1997, took a leading role in advocating against a restrictive interpretation of the Trust Fundís mandate. Through the issuance of advocacy papers, as well as multilateral and bilateral lobbying, the VRWG has continuously participated in the debate on what the nature and functions of the Trust Fund should be. Moreover, the VRWG has had the opportunity to present its views on the Draft Regulations during the Bureauís task force meetings, in May and August 2005.

Moreover, the Trust Fund for Victims team of the CICC, has developed lobbying materials and established and implemented strategies to support the VRWG in its work.