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Trust Fund for Victims
Trust Fund for Victims
Elisabeth Rehn, Chairperson for the Board of Directors at the Trust Fund for Victims speaking at a press conference held at the eighth session of the Assembly of States Parties in November 2009 in The Hague, The Netherlands.
The Trust Fund is an historic institution essential for the realization of the Court’s progressive mandate towards victims and is an acknowledgment that justice for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes cannot be met by retribution alone. The Trust Fund for Victims has been established by the Statute of the International Criminal Court to work alongside the Court’s reparative function to benefit victims of crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court and their families, by fulfilling two mandates. The first is to implement Court-ordered reparations awards against a convicted person when directed by the Court to do so. The second is the general assistance mandate, where voluntary contributions from donors are used to provide victims and their families in situations where the Court is active with physical rehabilitation, material support, and/or psychological rehabilitation.

The Trust Fund acquires its assets from donations made by States and non-State entities. To find out more about making a donation to the Trust Fund,please visit the Trust Fund for Victims website.

For more information, please contact Alix Vuillemin Grendel at: [email protected].

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