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Regulations of the Registry
Regulations of the Registry
ICC Registrar Bruno Cathala and the Presidency, Judges Philippe Kirsch, Akua Kuenyehia, and Elizabeth Odio Benito, have developed and adopted various rules and regulations governing the functioning of the Court. Credit: ICC-CPI.
Rule 14 of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence of the ICC provides that the Registrar shall put in place regulations to govern the operation of the Registry. In this context, the Registrar circulated, in April 2005, a draft set of regulations for the purpose of consultation. (The Regulations of the Court were adopted by the Judges on 26 May 2004, while the Regulations of the Office of the Prosecutor are still pending.)

Further, a large number of experts, including representatives of NGOs, were invited to participate in consultations on the draft regulations, which took place from 25-27 May 2005. All participants were divided into several working groups according to the chapters of the draft regulations (Court management, defence and counsel, translation and interpretation, victims participation and reparations, victims and witnesses protection and detention). The staff of the Registry listened to the participants' concerns and thereafter returned to the drafting table to conclude a final draft to be submitted to the Presidency for approval.

The Regulations of the Registry were made public on 19 April 2006, after being approved on 6 March by the Presidency of the Court in accordance with Rule 14 of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence. These Regulations provide for the practical arrangements for the judicial proceedings and the operation of the Registry itself.