Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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More than 200 organizations are involved with the Coalition’s activities, including active national networks in Bangladesh, China, Japan, India, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand. By organizing regional workshops and national roundtables and conferences, these groups play a vital role in promoting the establishment of a fair, effective and independent ICC as well as working toward universal ratification of the Statute and implementing the Rome Treaty into national law. Some of the key national networks in the region include:
1. Japanese Network for the ICC
2. Mongolian Coalition for the ICC
3. Philippine Coalition for the ICC
4. Bangladesh Coalition for the ICC
5. Afghan Coalition for the ICC
6. Malaysian Coalition for the ICC
7. Task Force on the ICC - Thailand
8. NGO Working Group on the ICC-Timor L’Este
9. Pakistan Coalition for the ICC
10. ICC-India
11. Asian Network for the ICC