Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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The Americas is one of the regions with strong civil society platforms working around ICC issues. Since the very beginning, NGOs have advocated for ratification and implementation of the ICC treaty, actively engaging in roundtables, seminars, media trainings and capacity-building workshops to increase awareness around the ICC and support efforts in defense of this important milestone for the protection of human rights. With more than 400 Coalition members in the Americas, the Secretariat relies on this significant social base to continue its work. Some of our key networks include:

1. Chile ôGrupo de Apoyo a la CPIö
2. Guatemala Coalition for the ICC
3. El Salvador Coalition for the ICC
4. Mexican Coalition for the ICC
5. Nicaragua Coalition for the ICC
6. Venezuela Coalition for the ICC
7. Peruvian "Grupo de Iniciativa por la CPI"
8. Haiti Coalition for the ICC
9. Grupo de Apoyo a la CPI of the Dominican Republic
10. Honduras Coalition for the ICC
11. Canadian Network for the ICC
12. American Coalition for the ICC