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Our work in the Americas is comprised by different areas that include advocacy around ratification of the Rome Statute and effective implementation of the Rome Treaty into national law. Focusing our work strategically, in 2009 the Coalition is seeking to advance its efforts and actions specifically in Central America where there are 3 countries that have yet to ratify the Statute, namely El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

In close cooperation with our key partners, we are also urging States to ratify the Agreement on the Privileges and Immunities of the ICC (APIC). To date Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago and Uruguay have ratified the APIC.

In the Caribbean, our Focus on the Caribbean Campaign seeks to revitalize ICC-related dialogue on the ground and push for additional ratifications and effective enactment of ICC implementing legislation, as well as increase awareness around the Court and its role in this new international justice system. Through concerted coordination with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat, the Coalition is seeking to enrich its relationship with this important organization and expand its member base to re-energize the momentum in support of the Court.