Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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1. Focus on Implementation of the Rome Statute
CICC continues to advocate for ratification of the Rome Statute in Africa, but the most important challenge remains national implementation of the ICC Treaty. Implementation will enable full cooperation of states with the Court and will also ensure effective complementarity. While the CICC does not comment on or draft implementing legislation, we strongly advocate for its enactment before governments, while providing technical and financial assistance to do so as well as creating platforms for discussions between governments and civil society organizations.

2. Outreach and Capacity-Building
With its regional coordination team, focal points and active networks in the continent, CICC continues to raise public awareness of the ICC through local activities, including workshops, seminars, conferences and media events. CICC focuses on capacity-building to ensure that local members are trained to carry-on follow-up campaigns in the region.

3. Encouraging African Regional Bodies' Involvement
The Coalition is dedicated to working with African regional bodies (African Union - AU, Economical Organization of West African States - ECOWAS, Southern African Development Community - SADC, Eastern African Community - EAC, Indian Ocean Community - IOC, etc.) and encourage them to be involved in the ICC process as well as support the Court's work in the continent. CICC will conduct intense advocacy work and promotes capacity-building for staff and representatives of these regional organizations.

4. Promoting Ratification by African Lusophone Countries
CICC is now intensifying its work in Lusophone countries in Africa to encourage ratification of the Rome Statute in the region.