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Regulations of the Court
Regulations of the Court
ICC Registrar Bruno Cathala and the Presidency, Judges Philippe Kirsch, Akua Kuenyehia, and Elizabeth Odio Benito, have developed and adopted various rules and regulations governing the functioning of the Court. Credit: ICC-CPI.
The Regulations of the Court were adopted by the judges in May 2004 and entered into force without any objections from States Parties. The Regulations of the Court consist of nine chapters governing: (1) general provisions, including the establishment of an Advisory Committee on Legal Texts; (2) the composition and administration of the Court; (3) the various stages in the proceedings; (4) counsel issues and legal assistance; (5) victims participation and reparations; (6) detention matters; (7) cooperation and enforcement; (8) removal from office and disciplinary measures; and (9) adoption of the code of judicial ethics.

On 18 December 2007 amendments to the Regulations of the Court adopted by the judges entered into force. Pursuant to Article 52 of the Rome Statute, the amendments to the Regulations of the Court are consequently circulated to States Parties for comments and if, within six months from circulation, there are no objections from a majority of States Parties, the amendments shall remain in force. The following regulations were added: 19 bis (Judicial recess), 23 bis (Filing of documents marked ex parte, under seal or confidential) and 24 bis (Submissions by the Registrar) and the following regulations were amended: 33 (Calculation of time limits), 36 (Format of documents and calculation of page limits) and 107 (Arrangements and agreements on cooperation).
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