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Ratification and Implementation
Ratification and Implementation
An overview of countries belonging to the International Criminal Court.
Supporting ratification of the Rome Statute of the ICC is a cornerstone objective to making the membership in the ICC truly global and universal. In order for the ICC to succeed, an increasing majority of the world’s nations must support the Court. The Coalition has redoubled its ratification efforts in regions of the world, such as Asia and the Middle East, which are underrepresented at the ICC, and continues to advocacy strongly in non-party states the importance of joining this fundamental institution.

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Universal Ratification Campaign
Each month, the Coalition calls upon one country to ratify the Rome Statute and become a member of the International Criminal Court as part of its Universal Ratification Campaign (URC). This exciting campaign utilizes advocacy measures and materials to publicize the work of the Court and the importance of ratification in the targeted country. We work actively with our members in every region, and particularly in the target country, to redouble efforts to ensure universal acceptance of the ICC. Local actions are needed to promote awareness of the International Criminal Court, increase media coverage, urge governments to ratify the Rome Statute, adopt effective implementing legislation and ratify the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities.

For the principle of complementarity to become truly effective, following ratification, States must also implement all of the crimes under the Rome Statute into domestic legislation. As the Court initiates investigations, the existence of solid cooperation and implementing legislation takes on new urgency. The Coalition actively monitors and promotes the development of implementation legislation globally. To assist our membership, and also those governments working on their legislation, the Coalition is committed to providing comprehensive information on the state of legislative drafting and implementation campaigns throughout the world.

The Agreement on Privileges and Immunity of the ICC
The Agreement on Privileges and Immunity of the ICC (APIC) provides officials and staff of the ICC with certain privileges and immunities necessary for them to perform their duties in an independent and unconditional manner, and to guarantee that their officials are aware of the actual scope and realities of these privileges and immunities and how to apply them in concrete situations. In order for the Court to function effectively, it is imperative that states ratify and implement this agreement.

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