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Our Publications
The Coalition for the ICC has both electronic and print publications, all of which are read by governments, international organizations, academics, civil society groups and individuals.

Tens of thousands of copies of our print resources are distributed worldwide. They provide updates on developments at the Court as well as at the Assembly of States Parties; reports on ICC-related events worldwide; details on new resources and upcoming events; and information about key issues related to the International Criminal Court.

The CICC’s print resources, electronic copies of which can be found in this section, include:

The Monitor, a bi-annual journal (available in English, French and Spanish)
The Bulletin, a bi-monthly publication featuring timely updates about the work of the ICC and the CICC
Africa Update, a bi-annual newsletter focused on ICC developments in relation to Africa (available in English and French)
Asia Update, a bi-annual newsletter focused on ICC developments in relation to Asia (available in English)
LAC Update (Latinoamérica al día), a newsletter focused on developments in Latin America and the Caribbean (available in Spanish)
Europe Update (formerly European Newsletter), a newsletter devoted to updates from Europe (available in English)
Al Mahkamah (MENA Update), a newsletter focused on ICC-related developments in the Middle East and North Africa (available in Arabic and English)

Older publications:
Insight on the ICC, a former quarterly newsletter that focused on developments in The Hague (available in English and French
ICC Update, a monthly bulletin previously published by the CICC (electronic only ; available in English and French)
Agenda CCPI, a newsletter that focused on developments in Ibero-America (electronic only ; available in Spanish)

In addition to the website (which has links to the CICC website in French and Spanish), our electronic resources include information email lists in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese to which daily postings are made. Summaries of all news coverage of the ICC, announcements of new ratifications of the Statute and progress towards ratification, announcements of upcoming events, notes and reports on the Assembly of States Parties, and other critical information is made available through these lists.

The Coalition’s print and electronic resources are produced for the benefit of all those involved in this process and we need your help to ensure they are widely distributed.

Please contact [email protected] to sign up to be on our mailing list or for more information about any of these resources.