Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Updates on China
31 Dec 2005
According to an official position paper of the People's Republic of China on the UN reform, issued on 7 June 2005, "China supports the establishment of an International Criminal Court characterized by its independence, impartiality, effectiveness and universality, capable of punishing the gravest international crimes. In view of some deficiencies in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court which may hinder the just and effective functioning of the Court, China has not yet acceded to the Statute. But we still hope that the Court will win the confidence of non-Contracting Parties and wide acceptance of the international community through its work. The Security Council should act with prudence as to whether to refer a certain situation to the International Criminal Court."

China actively participated in the Preparatory Commission meetings.

In a statement at the Security Council on 10 July 2002, a representative of China remarked, "Although China is not yet a State Party to the International Criminal Court, we support the independence, impartiality, and competence of the ICC that enjoys universality. We have continued to actively participate in the establishment of the ICC and will continue to follow closely its operation."