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ICC Beirut Workshop Oct 21 -22 - Final Recommendations
07 Nov 2005
Please find below the final recommendations (in Arabic and English)
from the ICC workshop held at the Lawyer's Syndicate in Beirut on
October 21 - 22. The event, which drew well over 250 people, including
lawyers, human rights activists, members of the Lebanese parliament,
journalists, and NGO representatives, was organized by Justice Without
Frontiers, in conjunction with the Lawyer's Syndicate, the Human
Rights Institute and the Coalition for the International Criminal Court.

A full program of the conference (in English and Arabic) as well as
copies of the presentations (in English, French, and Arabic) will be
posted on our website shortly.

The two-day conference ended with the declaration of the Lebanese
Coalition for the ICC, which held its first meeting on October 25,
2005, organized by Justice Without Frontiers and Amnesty Lebanon.

Congratulations to the Lebanese Coalition for the ICC and all our
colleagues in Lebanon!

Best wishes,

CICC Outreach Liaison for the Middle East and North Africa
[email protected]

Final Recommendations from ICC conference in Beirut, October 21-22
(Human Rights Institute, Beirut Lawyer�s Syndicate, Justice Without
Frontiers, CICC)

- To urge the Lebanese government and Parliament to work towards
Lebanon�s accession to the ICC and thereby protect Lebanon from any
serious human rights violations in the future
- To urge civil society organizations (including NGOs working in the
fields of human rights, women�s rights, and children�s rights, members
of parliament, judges, lawyers, human rights activists, political
parties, journalists, students, and academics) to join the Lebanese
Coalition for the ICC.
- To stay in close and continuous contact with national and regional
coalitions for the ICC in other parts of the Arab world
- To organize specialized conferences and training workshops around
international criminal law and the ICC for civil society organizations
active in the field of human rights, women�s rights, and child rights,
as well as for journalist associations, lawyers, parliamentarians,
judges, academics, students, and political parties.
- To engage in careful legal research and analysis of the ICC, in that
its jurisdiction might be expanded to cover the crime of aggression
following the conference in 2009.
- To renew the existing Lebanese law so as to include in it clear
provisions regarding crimes in the Rome Statute � crimes against
humanity, genocide, war crimes, as well as the crime of aggression �
even if Lebanon does not join the ICC.
- To prepare a file suggesting the exact changes needed in order for
Lebanese law to be in harmony with the provisions of the Rome Statute
of the ICC.
- To stand firm against any pressure to sign bilateral immunity
agreements, which obstruct the work of the ICC
- To incorporate a culture of human rights sensitivity in the
educational curriculum in Lebanon
- To follow and monitor the activities of the ICC and to participate
in the yearly meeting of the Assembly of States Parties even though
Lebanon has yet to join the Court.
- To participate in the universal ratification campaign of the CICC to
encourage countries to join the Court
- To organize events around the ICC every year on July 17
(International Day of Justice) in coordination with events organized
by other NGO members of the CICC.