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Executive Committee for Bahrain Coalition for the ICC
08 Dec 2005
Election of the Executive Committee for Bahrain Coalition for International
Criminal Court (BCICC)

The executive committee for the Bahraini Coalition for International
Criminal Court (BCICC) met today Tuesday 6 December 2005 and discussed its
initial action plan for the next year. The executive committee then
allocated the responsibilities between the member as shown under:

1. A. Hadi Marhoon (First Deputy Chairman of Representatives Council) –
The Chairman

2. Nabeel Rajab (Bahrain Centre for Human Rights) – Vice Chairman and
Head of International Affairs

3. Nasser Burdestani (Amnesty International - Bahrain) – Executive

4. Hameed Al-Mulla (Al-Menbar Democratic Society) – The Secretariat

5. Hussain Jawad (Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights) – Head of
Public Relations

6. Shahzalan Khamis (Bahrain Bar Society) – Executive member

The founder of Bahrain Coalition for International Criminal Court (BCICC)
met on Tuesday 29 Nov. 2005 in Bahrain Bar Society and elected an executive
committee for the next two years.

BCICC was established after being the core recommendation of the workshop on
International Criminal Court organized between 9-10 Nov. 2005 by Amnesty
International (Bahrain) in cooperation with MENA office of Coalition for
International Criminal Court (CICC) and support of International Federation
for Human Rights.

The executive committee will call now other NGOs, committees and individuals
to join and support its activities, said by Nasser Burdestani, the executive

BCICC main aim is to encourage the government to speed up the required
process in ratifying the Rome Statute of International Criminal Court and
contain at the moment more than 12 NGOs and committees such as Bahrain
Centre for Human Rights, Bahrain Human Rights Society, Bahrain Bar Society
Bahrain Society for Public Freedom and Democracy Support, Al-Menber
Democracy Society, Islamic Act Society, and Al-Wefaq Islamic Society in
addition to more than 7 lawyers and human rights activists.