Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Updates on United Arab Emirates
31 Dec 2005
Ministry of Justice officials from the United Arab Emirates attended the Intersessional Meetings on the Crime of Aggression at Princeton University in both 2004 and 2005, and expressed continued support for the ICC. A team at the Ministry of Justice is continuing to examine compatibility issues with the ICC.

Representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended the third Assembly of States Parties. They reiterated full support for the ICC. The United Arab Emirates division of red crescent cooperates with government on international humanitarian law implementation. United Arab Emirates continues to set up conferences on rule of law and international humanitarian law from time to time.

Between April 24th and 28th 2004, Dubai Police (under the Ministry of Defense) organized the first training course on human rights for Arab police which examined the establishment of the International Criminal Court and implications for Police and Defense Ministries.

Ministry of Justice officials attended the Assembly of States Parties in September 2003. Government officials reiterated that a high-level national study group is currently examining the statute and how to modify the national laws in accordance with the crimes in the Rome Statute, prior to ratification. Reports indicate that legal complications have nearly been resolved, whereas political obstacles remain an issue. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also been closely examining the possibilities of ratification.