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Andean region hosts Implementation events
05 Mar 2008
On 5-7 March 2008, Lima hosted the Andean Commission of Juristsĺ course on the International Criminal Court and International Criminal law where public officials from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela discussed existing legal and constitutional concerns regarding ratification and implementation of the Rome Statute in the region, as well as analyzed judicial cooperation mechanisms and implementation case studies in Bolivia, Peru, and Uruguay. Participants agreed on the need to build capacity and understanding among various government actors and that constitutional and legislative reforms in the region should be geared toward ensuring the adequate implementation of international criminal law that can assist States in the fight against impunity and grave human violations.

In late March, a subsequent roundtable was organized in Bogotá with government and academic experts to discuss a forthcoming ratification and implementation manual compiling examples of how countries with constitutional questions ratified the Rome Statute - either through interpretative approaches or constitutional amendments - as well as how they incorporated ICC crimes and ICC cooperation provisions into national criminal codes and criminal procedural codes. The manual is intended to serve as a comparative tool for countries moving forward with ratification and implementation processes.