Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Updates on Oman
31 Dec 2005
A Ministry of Foreign Affairs official from Oman attended the Inter-sessional Meeting on the Crime of Aggression at Princeton University in June 2005, and expressed continued support for the ICC.

Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Supreme Court attended the third Assembly of States Parties in September 2004. Reportedly, a National Committee had concluded a report on the compatibility of Rome Statute with Omani law and recommended Oman’s ratification in consultation with the Arab League. The government was open for the discussion on implications of ratification including, technical assistance.

The Majlis al Shura (Lower House) received a report in February 2004 of its members’ participation at the Sana’a conference. The Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as Justice Ministry officials attended the Sana’a Inter-Governmental Regional Conference on Democracy, Human Rights and Role of the International Criminal Court in January 2004.

The Omani Attorney General and two other senior officials of the Ministry of Justice attended the Assembly of States Parties in September 2003, indicating Oman's high-level interest in the ICC. Officials said that Oman has been examining the Rome Statute for 4 years and that it is a matter of time before Oman ratifies the ICC.