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Updates on Bangladesh
31 Dec 2005
As of September 2002, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the State Minister for Foreign Affairs had confirmed the political will of the government to promptly ratify the ICC Statute.

While domestic laws already largely comply with the Rome Statute, the criminal code still needed to be amended. However, this may be possible after ratification is completed.

NGOs in Bangladesh held a workshop on ICC ratification in May 2002, where J.V. Ketel-sen, ChargÚ d'Affaires of the delegation of the European Commission, urged the government to ratify the Rome Statute promptly.

An inter-ministerial committee was established to examine the Statute and its implications for domestic legislation. No constitutional or other legal barriers are envisaged. However, as the political situation turned for the worse with the change of government in 2001, the campaign for ratification has suffered a major setback.

Like other countries, Bangladesh may seek technical cooperation in order to complete the ratification process, as well as assistance in the implementation of the Statute in the future.