Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Updates on Laos
31 Dec 2005
In early 2005, the UNDP and the Lao PDR government hired a consultant to assess legal issues of the Rome Statute with a view toward accession of the Rome Statute.

A working group was established by the Ministry of Justice to assess the consequences of accession. The government has asked NGOs to assist in a public awareness campaign prior to accession.

As of February 2005, there had been a commitment to actively participate in the UN process leading to the establishment of the ICC. The definition of the crime of aggression was a major issue of consideration. Domestic laws will need to be adopted or amended before accession.

A national workshop on ICC was held in late 2001, and was attended by officials of the Foreign Affairs and Justice Ministries and other concerned agencies.

The government has been in the process of examining the Statute and inquired about technical assistance at the June 2000 Preparatory Commission. Laos had also considered signing the Rome Statute before the deadline.