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106 Human Rights Organizations call on the government of Nepal to immediately accede to the Rome Statute
25 July 2007

Marking one year from the date that the former Nepalese House of Representatives adopted a unanimous resolution calling for accession to the ICC treaty, 106 human rights and professional organizations, as well as human rights defenders, issued a joint press statement calling on the government to live up to that original commitment.

The statement recalls that the Prime Minister, senior ministers, and top leaders of political parties have been reiterating their compromise toward forwarding the accession process in Nepal, although a year has elapsed and Nepal is still not a State Party. The government formed three Inter-Ministerial Task Forces to study the obligations which Nepal will be subject to once it accedes to the Rome Statute and the Task Forces have already submitted their reports to the Government -- the latest one in December 2006.
The release also highlights the commitments expressed by the eight political parties, the Interim Legislature, and the Interim Government to provide and  guarantee good governance, end impunity, establish democratic norms and values, and govern based on principles of the rule of law-- as expressed through formal documents like the Comprehensive Peace Accord-2006, the Interim Constitution-2007, and the Common Minimum Programme of the Interim Government-2007.

The full text of the release and the list of organizations who have subscribed to the statement is available on the Nepal page.