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Nepalese HR activists demand accession to the RS and submit memorandum to the Speaker of the Interim Legislature
10 Mar 2007
Nepali human rights defenders demanded immediate accession to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), submitting a memorandum to the Speaker of the Interim Legislature. Nine Nepali human rights organizations, as well as human rights activists, journalists, lawyers and intellectuals came together to call upon the government to fulfill the commitment passed by  the Parliament in July 2006. The participants held placards showing slogans like "Accede to the ICC Treaty Now!", "Fight against Genocide, Crime  Against Humanity and War Crimes", "Oppose Impunity, Uphold Human Dignity", "We demand Immediate Ratification of the Rome Statute".

Following an hour demonstration, representatives of the organizers submitted a memorandum to Rt. Hon. Subas Nembang, Speaker of the  Interim Legislature- Parliament demanding immediate accession to the ICC Treaty. On the occasion Hon. Anand Prasad Dhungana, Hon. Mahendra Prasad Pandey, Hon. Dinanath Sharma and Hon. Tek Bahadur Chokhyal, Chief Whips respectively of Nepali Congress, CPN (UML), CPN (Maoist) and Nepali Congress (Democratic) were also present. Other parliamentarians present while submitting the memorandum to the Speaker include Hon. Parashu Ram Meghi Gurung of CPN (UML), Hon. Ganesh Bahadur Shah of Nepali Congress (Democratic) and Hon. Malla K Sundar of CPN (Maoist).

Receiving the memorandum, Speaker Nembang expressed dissatisfaction over the delay in acceding to the Rome Statute by the government despite the parliamentary directive proposal seven months ago. Assuring that the parliament would take further initiative to push forward this agenda to the levels possible, Speaker Nembang expressed his full commitments for accession to the treaty.

Organisers of the programs included Amnesty International Nepal, Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ), National Coalition for the ICC (NCICC)/Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), Human Rights and Peace Society (HURPES), Advocacy Forum, Joint Forum for Human Rights (JFHR), Forum for Human Rights and Development (FOHRID), Women Foundation, and Human Development and Peace Campaign (HUDEP).