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Government Announces Intention to Ratify by July 2007
01 Feb 2007
3 September 2006: The government of Japan announced its intention to ratify and accede to the Court by July 2007. The national Diet will vote on its regular session beginning on January 2007 to consider ratification, along with approval of series of implementing legislations. A total of 1.9 billion yen (approx. USD 16.2 million) for appropriation to the Court has already been requested for the fiscal 2007 budget.

In mid 2006, the Japanese government publicly stated that the proposal for accession as well the budget for Japanese contributions to the ICC will be tabled in the next Diet session scheduled in early 2007. During the 5th Assembly of States Parties, the Japanese delegation actively participated as an observer engaging in dialogue with civil society organizations and highlighting their continued commitment toward acceding to the treaty.