Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Updates on Indonesia
31 Dec 2005
As of February 2005, the government had reportedly committed to study the implications of the ICC, and was likely to consider implementing legislation prior to accession. The Indonesian government set up a Human Rights Action Plan which included overseeing consideration of the ICC. They announced that they will consider ratifying by 2008.

After an inter-governmental ICC conference in Manila in October 2001, the government has reportedly committed to studying the implications of the ICC and will look into enacting implementing legislation prior to ratification. The issues that have been identified as of concern are the principle of complementarity, the protection of national sovereignty, and the potential need for constitutional amendment.

In June 2000, the State Minister for Human Rights of Indonesia announced that his ministry will urge the other concerned ministries of Indonesia to work in favor of ratification of the ICC statute.

At the Sixth Committee meeting of the 54th General Assembly (fall 1999), the Indonesian representative said his country has been active in all phases of deliberations on the Court and is still in the process of giving meticulous consideration to the Statue, seeking in particular an effective mechanism to disseminate its contents to almost 200 million Indonesians across 13,000 islands. He said it is imperative to give an opportunity to all Indonesians, particularly the ones potentially affected by the ICC, to know about the establishment of a new institution aimed at future justice.