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Updates on Afghanistan
31 Dec 2005
On 21 December 2004, the Afghan Professionals Alliance for Minority Rights (APAMR) organized a Roundtable on the Implementation of the Statute of the ICC in Afghanistan legal order.

On 22-23 December, a National Seminar on the Strategies for Implementation of the ICC Statute in Afghanistan was organized by APAMR in close collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Participants – including experts on the ICC, civil society groups and government leaders and officials, among others -- endorsed Afghanistan’s accession to the ICC in February 2003 and recommended that the following initiatives should be immediately undertaken:

A Commission/ Working Group composed of experts of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other concerned government institutions and civil society should be formed.
The APAMR should take necessary initiatives to facilitate the formation of the Commission/ Working Group.
The Commission / Working group should review and study Afghan Constitution and relevant laws with the aim of drafting appropriate legislations and/or proposing amendments to the laws to:

Bring Afghan legal and judicial system into line with the standards and requirements of the ICC Statute,
Facilitate fulfillment of Afghanistan’s cooperation obligations under the Statute,
And extend the jurisdiction of the Afghan national courts to prosecute the ICC crimes.
The Commission/Working Group should be independent and have independent sources of funding.

The Commission/Working Groups should include foreign experts, preferably experts from Islamic countries, or experts familiar with Islamic criminal laws, and look at experiences and legislations of other countries that have already implemented the ICC Statute.
To continue further vigorous, wide and extensive public information and education campaigns on the ICC, especially through mass media.

On 2-3 August 2003, a Workshop on the Implementation of the Rome Statute for the ICC was organized by the the Afghan Professional Alliance for Minority Rights (APAMR) in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court of Afghan Transitional Administration.

On 12-13 April 2003, a Basic Training on the ICC was held by APAMR and the Asian Network for the ICC.
On 14 January 2003, an agreement on Afghanistan's accession to the Rome Statute was signed by Foreign Minister Dr. Abdollah, and was then endorsed by the President and approved by the Council of Ministers.

NGOs and some academics have taken an interest in the ICC and are participating in a number of fora inside and outside of the country.