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Become an new NGO Member
Become an new NGO Member
CICC organized an Africa Regional Strategy Meeting in Accra, Ghana in May 2005. Many CICC African NGO members participated in this event.
NGO Membership
The Coalition for the International Criminal Court welcomes new NGO members. Our current membership base is a global network of over 2,500 NGOs representing every region of the world, working on a diverse range of themes and issues. Membership is free, and ensures your remaining informed about developments at the ICC; allows access to the resources within regional and national networks, ICC-related meetings at the national or international level, proposed ICC implementation legislation; and more.

Regional and National Networks
In regions and sub-regions, Regional Coordinators located around the world serve as focal points for the coordination of the efforts of national coalitions and regional networks.

Thematic Caucuses
Sectoral Caucuses represent particular consituencies, provide input and submit research papers from the perspective of women, children, victims, faith-based groups.

NGO Teams on Issues
NGO Teams on Issues focus the input of NGOs through the exchange of information, as well as the development of strategies and team papers, while dividing labour among NGO experts, and ensuring coverage of all key issues.

Individual Interest
Please note that individuals cannot become official members of the CICC. However, interested individuals can still get involved in the mission of the Coalition, stay up-to-date on developments by subscribing to the Coalition mailing lists

  1. Please complete the NGO Membership Request Form (see below)

  2. Email the completed forms to [email protected]

  3. OR
    Send/Fax the completed forms to:

    Coalition for the International Criminal Court
    708 Third Ave, Suite 1715
    New York, NY
    Fax: +1 (212) 599-1332

    NGO members are encouraged to send their updated contact information to [email protected]
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