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Making Justice Visible
The Coalition for the International Criminal Court has long urged the Court to raise its public profile. With the start of the first trials, the need for efficient public information and outreach has become even more striking. The Coalition advocates for a comprehensive, long-term and well targeted ICC strategy on outreach, public information and external relations covering the range and nature of situations and investigations the Court currently faces. Indeed, it is not enough that justice is done, it must also be seen to be done. The Court will only be viable if the communities affected by the crimes it is judging understand its justice.

The Coalition is providing direct advice to relevant Court organs and advocating for States to grant them the necessary funds, in particular through the work of its NGO Team on communications.

In parallel, the Coalition’s daily work has already proved indispensable in raising the Court’s profile. The Coalition is providing indefatigable worldwide efforts, often in collaboration with like-minded governments and academics, to organise awareness-raising events on the Rome system. NGOs are also helping to generate positive, balanced media coverage through press releases, briefings and media advocacy. The Coalition provides major accessible information about the Rome system through mailing lists, publications, websites and blogs in diverse languages.