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List of Counsel
Lawyers added to the ICC List of Counsel can be called upon at any time to provide legal assistance in relation to proceedings before the Court to the persons concerned, whether as duty counsel, ad hoc counsel, defence counsel or as legal representative of victims. Their conduct before the Court will be governed by the Code of Professional Conduct for Counsel. The criteria of admission to the List of Counsel are set forth in Rule 22 of the RPE and Regulation 69 of the Regulations of the Court.

Counsel interested in applying can do so by providing the information required by the Court. More information, as well as the publicly available List of Counsel, can be found on

To ensure gender and geographic balance, the Court has launched two campaigns which aim to increase the number of African female lawyers and Arab lawyers admitted to the List of Counsel. More information on the campaigns can be found on

The CICC encourages candidates, especially women and individuals from situations countries to apply, as gender and geographical diversity are key to a truly international ICC.