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As NGOs, government officials, representatives of international organizations or individuals, the CICC welcomes your support for a fair, effective and independent ICC. This page features some of our campaigns, in which you can get involved.

Ratification and Implementation Campaign
The CICC and its members work closely with governments, parliamentarians, intergovernmental organizations, legal experts, journalists, and civil society groups around the world in order to achieve universal ratification and implementation of the ICC treaty.
  • Learn about our Campaign for Global Justice by urging your government to ratify the Rome Statute and the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the Court, and ensure cooperation and complementarity.

  • Join one of our National Coalitions or Regional Networks

Past Campaigns
Efforts against US Impunity Agreements
The Bush administration carried out a campaign seeking bilateral immunity agreements (or so called "Article 98" agreements) from governments around the world, threatening the loss of vital economic and military assistance, to countries that refused to sign a BIA ensuring that no US citizen would be handed over to the ICC. This policy generated counter-productive effects for the US, which ultimately led to the repeal and the non-renewal of legislation giving force to this campaign.
  • Become more informed! Visit the US and the ICC section on our website for a list of states that have signed these agreements.

Support the Victims Trust Fund Campaign (For US residents)
US elected leaders need to hear from their constituents that US citizens do care about the ICC. Through the Victims Trust Fund Campaign, you can let your senators know how strongly you feel about the ICC while also raising money for the ICC's groundbreaking Victims Trust Fund, which will provide direct aid to victims of future atrocities and their communities.

Simply write a check ($5 or more) made out to the Victims Trust Fund of the ICC and mail it to Victims Trust Fund Campaign, PO Box 15250, Washington, DC 20077-1180. Then write your senators to express your support for the ICC, enclosing a copy of your check to show them that you care about international justice. To edit and print a sample letter, look up your senators and their mailing address, or find out more about the campaign, please see (Note: this is not a lobbying activity, as no specific legislation is involved.)

For more information, visit our sections on the Victims Trust Fund and Victims and Witnesses