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Employment and Internships
Employment at the Coalition for the ICC
The CICC will post any available job opportunities, vacancies and internship announcements at the bottom of this page. The CICC is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer strongly committed to hiring and retaining a diverse and internationally representative staff.

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Employment at the International Criminal Court
For information on vacancies, internship and clerkship opportunities at the International Criminal Court itself, please visit: The ICC also hosts a Visiting Professionals program.
To ensure a balanced representation of the ICC's staff, the CICC encourages qualified candidates from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East to apply for ICC vacancies. However, please note that the Coalition is not involved in the recruitment process of the ICC and will not take a position on individual candidates.

Internships with the CICC
The Coalition for the ICC offers an internship program for stud
ents interested in learning more about the International Criminal Court, international law, the United Nations, the role of NGOs in the development and promotion of human rights and other related issues. The dynamic environment made possible by a global campaign involving thousands of large and small NGOs, governments, the United Nations, academics and others allows numerous educational and professional learning opportunities.

Applications are invited from individuals pursuing a course of study or practical training that is related to the establishment of the ICC or other relevant international law and human rights issues. In the past, interns have included undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines (Political Science, Economics, International Relations, Government, Law, Foreign Languages and Area Studies). We also accept applications from those who are not currently in an academic program.

Internships are available in our secretariats in New York and The Hague, as well as in some regional offices. For more information on the New York internship program, please consult the NY Internship Manual. For more information on The Hague internship program, please consult The Hague Internship Manual. To learn about internship opportunities in our regional offices, you may wish to contact those offices. Announcements for internships available with the CICC are announced below.

For internships in New York, applications are due on the following dates: April 1st for Summer internships (full-time), August 1st for Fall internships, and December 1st for Spring internships. Applications received after these dates will be put forward into the next application pool. We welcome non-U.S. citizen/permanent resident applicants, however, they must show appropriate authorization to work in the US. CICC cannot sponsor individuals applying for internships to help them obtain visas. Internship applications for the Hague secretariat and the regional offices are welcome all year round and are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Please note that internships are unpaid.