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Third election – Registrar:

On 1 October 2012, the President of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Judge Sang–Hyun Song, nominated 11 candidates for the position of registrar of the ICC: The candidates are listed in alphabetical order as follows:
  • Ms. Alia Aoun (France/Lebanon);
  • Ms. Silvana Arbia (Italy);
  • Mr. Giancarlo Bellelli (Italy);
  • Mr. John Hocking (Australia) - candidacy withdrawn;
  • Mr. Ralph Martens (Germany);
  • Mr. Ngonlardje Mbaidjol (Chad);
  • Mr. Lyn Parker (The United Kingdom);
  • Ms. Jocelyn Pierre (France);
  • Mr. Daniel Preira (Senegal/France);
  • Mr. Claudio Santorum (Argentina/Spain); and
  • Mr. Herman Von Hebel (The Netherlands).
On 28 February 2008 Ms. Silvana Arbia of Italy was elected by an absolute majority as ICC Registrar for a five-year term. Ms. Silvana Arbia’s term as registrar expires in April 2013. The next registrar will be elected in the coming months for office in 2013.

On 22 June 2012, the ICC published a job vacancy for registrar (ASG) with a deadline for applications set for 27 August 2012: see the announcement on the ICC website. Following the announcement by the ICC of the impending vacancy, the Court performed an initial selection process, through the standard recruitment channels of the ICC. Of the applications received, 30 were determined to have met the minimum requirements as per the vacancy announcement. Three members of the presidency individually evaluated the qualified candidates and together identified 11 candidates who best met the requirements of the Rome Statute. The names, statements and qualifications of the 11 candidates were then presented to the president of the Assembly of States Parties (ASP) in accordance with Rule 12 of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence.

Pursuant to Article 43 of the Rome Statute of the ICC, the judges shall elect the registrar by an absolute majority by secret ballot taking into account any recommendations by the ASP, for a term of five years, and is eligible for re-election once. It is expected that the ASP will make recommendations to the judges on the upcoming registrar election at the 11th session held in The Hague from 14-22 November 2012.

Former Registrars

The Second Registrar (2008-present):

Ms. Silvana Arbia of Italy was elected for a five year term and currently serves as the second registrar from the period beginning 2008. The president of the ICC submitted the names and qualifications of 10 candidates, of which one decided to withdraw her candidacy. The remaining 9 short listed candidates were, in alphabetical order, the following:
  • Ms. Silvana Arbia (Italy);
  • Mr. Richard Chetwynd (United Kingdom);
  • Ms. Annunziata Ciaravolo (Italy);
  • Mr. Adama Dieng (Senegal);
  • Mr. John Hocking (Australia);
  • Ms. Blanca Pastor Borgonon (Spain);
  • Mr. Klaus Rackwitz (Germany);
  • Mr. Rama Rao Sankurathripati (India);
  • Mr. Markus Zimmer (Switzerland and the United States of America)
The First Registrar (2003-2008):

Bruno Cathala of France was elected for a five year term and served as the first registrar from 2003-2008. The president of the ICC submitted the names and qualifications of two other candidates for the post of registrar:
  • Mr. Bruno Cathala (France); and
  • Mr. Bert Maan (Netherlands).
More information on Registrars can be found here.

For more information on the election of the Registrar, please contact Sunil Pal.

Coalition campaign to promote fair and transparent elections

To assist in the selection process and to promote fair and transparent elections, the Coalition has requested that each candidate complete a questionnaire relating to their background and experience and will publish these questionnaires here on a rolling basis.

The Coalition does not and will not take a position on any particular candidate, although some of its member organizations might do so.