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Deputy Prosecutors
On 9 September 2012, Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda nominated the following three candidates for the position of deputy prosecutor (Prosecution) of the ICC:
  • Mr. Paul Rutledge (Australia);
  • Mr. James Stewart (Canada); and
  • Ms. Raija Toiviainen (Finland).
Her former post as deputy prosecutor is currently vacant. The next deputy prosecutor will be elected on the opening day of the 11th ASP session on 14 November 2012.

The Coalition has requested each candidate to complete a questionnaire relating to their background and experience and will publish these questionnaires here on a rolling basis as they are received from 5 October 2012:

Reply from Mr. Paul Rutledge (Australia) to CICC deputy prosecutor questionnaire

Reply from Mr. James Stewart (Canada) to CICC deputy prosecutor questionnaire

Reply from Ms. Raija Toiviainen (Finland) to CICC deputy prosecutor questionnaire

On 24 January 2012, the ICC published a job vacancy for Deputy Prosecutor (Prosecution) with a deadline for applications set for 26 February 2012: see the announcement on the ICC website.

Deputy Prosecutors of the ICC are elected by secret ballot by an absolute majority of the members of the ASP, from a list of three candidates provided by the Prosecutor. The Prosecutor must nominate three candidates for each position to be filled. Deputy Prosecutors hold office for a non-renewable term of nine years, unless a shorter term is decided upon at the time of the election.

Former Deputy Prosecutors

Serg Brammertz (Belgium) was elected for a seven-year term and served as the first Deputy Prosecutor (Investigations) from 2003-2007. The other candidates nominated by the Prosecutor for this position were:
  • Mr. Hassan Bubacarr Jallow (The Gambia); and
  • Mr. Valdimir Tochilovsky (Ukraine).
Fatou Bensouda (The Gambia) was elected for a term of nine years and served as the Deputy Prosecutor (Prosecutions) from 2004-2012 until she was sworn in as Prosecutor for the ICC in June 2012. The other candidates nominated by the Prosecutor (Luis Moreno-Ocampo) for the position were:
  • Ms. Nicola Crutchley (New Zealand); and
  • Mr. Josaia Naigulevu (Fiji).
More information on Deputy Prosecutors can be found here.

For more information on the election of the Prosecutor, please contact Sunil Pal.