Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Rome Statute   Australia signed on 9 December 1998 and ratified on 1 July 2002, becoming the 75th State Party.
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities Australia has not acceded to the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement Has not signed a BIA with the US.
Implementing Legislation Enacted ICC Implementing Legislation.
Membership Like-Minded Country, Commonwealth
Government and Inter-governmental Documents
Author Date and Title
Dec 2011
Statement made during the 10th Assembly of States Parties- Australia
01 Aug 2011
International Criminal Court Act 2002
31 May 2010
Speeches During the General Debate at the Review Conference - Australia
19 Nov 2009
Statements during General Debate at 8th Session of ASP - Canada/Australia/New Zealand
07 May 1998
Address by The Hon Alexander Downer, MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs, to to the Asia-Pacific Meeting for Government Representatives and International Experts, entitled "Towards an End to Impunity": The International Criminal Court Between New York an