Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Rome Statute   Israel signed on 31 December 2000.
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities Israel has not signed the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement Signed on 4 August 2002.
Implementing Legislation
Country Updates
Government and Inter-governmental Documents
Author Date and Title
Government of the Union of the Comoros
14 May 2013
Referral from Comoros
NGO Letters, Papers, Reports, and Statements
Author Date and Title
Amnesty International
27 Oct 2015
Israeli forces in Occupied Palestinian Territories must end pattern of unlawful killings Amnesty International
Bill Van Esveld, Human Rights Watch
26 Aug 2015
How Israeli impunity threatens Palestinian children
03 July 2015
CIHRS calls for triggering international accountability mechanisms to deter perpetrators and provide remedies to victims
James Goldston, OSJI
26 June 2015
An ICC Investigation of Possible War Crimes in Palestine Could Benefit All Involved
Fred Abrahams, Human Rights Watch
19 May 2015
Post Mortem on Gaza
Bill Van Esveld, Human Rights Watch
30 Apr 2015
Dispatches: Déjà Vu All Over Again in Gaza
Amnesty International
23 Feb 2015
Accountability is the only way to prevent further war crimes in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories
NGO Media Statements
Author Date and Title
01 Aug 2015
Heinous Crime Committed by Israeli Settlers; Palestinian Toddler Killed and His Parents and Brother Inured in Arson Attack on Their House in Douma village, Southeast of Nablus.
Amnesty International
29 July 2015
Gaza 'Black Friday': Cutting Edge Investigation Reveals Evidence of Israeli War Crimes in Rafah
22 July 2015
ICC to reconsider investigating Israel’s 2010 attack on humanitarian aid flotilla
Amnesty International
08 July 2015
Launch of innovative digital tool to help expose patterns of Israeli violations in Gaza
06 July 2015
Palestine: At last, a ray of hope for the victims
04 July 2015
Unanimous EU support: Unprecedented Human Rights Council Resolution on Accountability calling for Cooperation with ICC
30 June 2015
Gaza: States must act on UN Commission’s recommendations