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Rome Statute   France signed on July 18, 1998 and ratified on 9 June 2000, becoming the 12th State Party.
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities France signed the APIC on 10 September 2002 and ratified on 17 February 2004.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement France has not signed a BIA.
Implementing Legislation Cooperation: The French Parliament adopted on February 19th 2002, the Bill on Cooperation with the ICC (Law n. 2002-268). This Law, an initiative of Senator Badinter, addresses only procedural issues: it allows France to cooperate with the ICC in matters concerning arrest, transfer, execution of prison sentences and reparation orders. Substantive criminal law: the Ministry of Justice, prepared a draft law on substantive adaptation of the Rome Statute. The raft introduces in the French legislation the definition of war crimes and extends the definition of crimes against humanity; moreover, the crime of “apartheid” should be introduced under the notion of “segregation of an ethnic group”; the crimes of forced pregnancy and sterilisation will also be included. The draft was submitted by the Ministry of Justice to the members of the Commission Nationale Consultative des droits de l’homme (CNCDH), which released its opinion on 15 May 2003. The following shortcomings were identified: 1) Art. 27 of the Rome Statute - on the irrelevance of official capacities - still needs to be incorporated into French national legislation; 2)War crimes are not subject to the same legal regime as genocide and crimes against humanity, being therefore subject to status of limitations; 3) The principle of victim's equal access to justice is not fully retained, whereby the Public Prosecutor would be the only person entitled to initiate a proceeding when the crime is committed abroad; and 4) The scope of universal jurisdiction has been limited with regard to non-States Parties. The draft was expected to be debated within the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence by the summer of 2003, and should be submitted to the Parliament for scrutiny at fall of this year. On June 15, 2008, the Government of France officially withdrew its declaration pursuant to Article 124 of the Rome Statute. In the declaration, it had stated that it did not accept the jurisdiction of the Court with respect to war crimes (Article 8) when a crime is alleged to have been committed by its nationals or on its territory. The Secretary-General of the UN received notification of this withdrawal on August 13, 2008.France signed the Rome Statute on July 17, 1998 and ratified it on June 9, 2000, on which date it made this declaration, which was to be valid for a period of seven years after the Statute's entry in to force in 2002.
Membership France is a member of European Union, Francophonie, Council of Europe, Organization for Security and Cooperation on Europe (OSCE).
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Author Date and Title
23 Sept 2008
Press Conference by the President of France H.E. Nicolas Sarkozy
19 Sept 2008
Informal comments to the Media by the Permanent Representative of France, H.E. Mr. Jean-Maurice Ripert, on the situation in Sudan, including Art 16
18 Sept 2008
Informal comments to the Media by the Permanent Representative of France, H.E. Mr. Jean-Maurice Ripert, on the situation in Sudan and other matters, including Art.16
Draft Legislation
Author Date and Title
Jean-Pierre Sueur
06 Sept 2012
Proposition de Loi tendant à modifier la loi de mise en oeuvre
13 July 2010
Projet de loi portant adaptation du droit pénal à l’institution de la Cour pénale internationale
Government and Inter-governmental Documents
Author Date and Title
18 Feb 2013
Côte d’Ivoire’s adhesion to International Criminal Court
14 Jan 2013
Statement on Syria by the Spokesperson of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Commission nationale consultative des droits de l'homme
23 Oct 2012
La CPI doit redevenir une priorite politique, juridique et diplomatique de la France
06 Sept 2012
Communiqué de Jean-Pierre Sueur, au Sénat, sur la loi de mise en oeuvre
15 June 2012
Déclaration de M. Laurent Fabius, ministre des Affaires étrangères sur la prise de fonction du nouveau procureur de la CPI. Mme Fatou Bensouda
29 May 2012
Entretien de M. Laurent Fabius, ministre des Affaires étrangères, avec le journal Le Monde
16 May 2012
Security Council - Libya/ICC report - Statement by Mr. Martin Briens, Deputy Permanent representative of France to the United Nations
ICC Statements and Reports
Author Date and Title
03 Dec 2012
France supports Francophone trainings on the ICC
NGO Letters, Papers, Reports, and Statements
Author Date and Title
26 Jan 2015
Lettre à Laurent Fabius en réaction aux déclarations israéliennes
03 May 2013
Entrevue avec Jean-Pierre SUEUR, Président de la Commission des lois au Sénat, Sénateur du Loiret
12 July 2010
Lettre ouverte au président français, Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy : 14 juillet 2010 : la fête nationale française, fête de l’impunité ?
21 May 2010
Lettre ouverte à Bernard Kouchner, Ministre des Affaires étrangères (français)
Feb 2010
12 Dec 2008
Projet d’avis sur la loi portant adaptation du droit pénal à l’institution de la CPI
10 Dec 2008
APPEL DU 10 DECEMBRE 2008 : Une justice universelle pour les droits de l’homme !
NGO Media Statements
Author Date and Title
30 Jan 2015
Lettre de la CFCPI au Ministre des Affaires étrangères
Human Rights Watch
17 Sept 2014
Europe: National Courts Extend Reach of Justice
11 Apr 2014
France: Opening of a judicial investigation targeting Qosmos for complicity in acts of torture in Syria
17 Mar 2014
Pascal Simbikangwa convicted of genocide and complicity in crimes against humanity
03 Feb 2014
20 years after the Rwandan genocide : opening of the first trial in France against an accused of complicity in genocide
24 Apr 2013
Premier procès en France contre un présumé génocidaire rwandais
19 Feb 2013
Le Sénat doit rendre effectif l'accès des victimes de crimes internationaux à la justice française