Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Rome Statute   Ecuador signed on 7 October 1998, and ratified on 5 February 2002 becoming the 52nd State Party.
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities Ecuador signed APIC on 26 September 2002 and ratified it on 19 April 2006.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement Publicly rejected BIA agreement.
Implementing Legislation In 2002, a draft implementing the Rome Statute was submitted to Congress by INREDH, a local NGO, in conjunction with a Congressional Commission. However, the process was stalled for a significant period and there was no consideration of the matter. The National Commission of International Humanitarian Law, an intergovernmental working group chaired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is now reviewing and updating the 2002 implementation proposal.
Membership OAS (Organization of American States), Rio Group
Country Updates
Conference Reports and Declarations
Author Title Date
Latin American NGOs
9108|9109 03 Oct 2008
Draft Legislation
Author Date and Title
Dip. Ricardo Ulcuango
03 July 2003
Proyecto de Declaracion presentado ante el Congreso de la Republica
Government and Inter-governmental Documents
Author Date and Title
Dec 2011
Discurso realizado durante la 10a Asamblea de Estados Partes - Ecuador
31 May 2010
Discursos Durante el Debate General en la Conferencia de Revisión - Ecuador
Parlamento Andino
20 Aug 2008
Decisión 1221 Sobre la promoción de la Corte Penal Internacional
Presidentes Paises Andinos
22 July 2002
Carta Andina para la Promoción y Protección de los Derechos Humanos