Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Rome Statute   Dominican Republic signed on 8 September 2000, and ratified on 12 May 2005, becoming the 99th State Party.
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities On 10 September 2009, Dominican Republic acceded to the APIC.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement Signed BIA on 13 September 2002. No official response available.
Implementing Legislation The House of Representatives approved the new Criminal Code on July 26, 2006 and sent it to the Executive. However, given opposition by diverse constituencies to various issues in the proposed Code, the President returned it to the House for further review detailing necessary revisions and observations. In terms of the RS, the President specifically mentioned that although crimes against humanity and genocide had been typified, there was a need to also include war crimes. The review of the criminal code is under study by a special bicameral commission, which recently held a public hearing on the matter in late 2007.
Membership OAS(Organization of American States), Rio Group.
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