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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Rome Statute   Bosnia and Herzegovina signed on 17 July 2000, and ratified on 11 April 2002, participating in the simultaneous deposit at the special UN treaty ceremony to mark the 60 ratifications necessary for entry into force.
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities Bosnia and Herzegovina signed the APIC on 24 January 2012.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement BIA signed on May 16, 2003. BiH House of Representatives ratified the bilateral agreement with the US on June 6, 2003.
Implementing Legislation Substantive Criminal Law: A law on witnesses has been amended. A working group has prepared amendments to the Criminal Code. The Office of the High Representative (OHR) of Bosnia and Herzegovina enacted a Criminal Code and a Criminal Procedural Code on the 24th January 2003. Both entered into force on the 1st of March 2003. These codes are part of the overall reform of the judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina that comprises a new State Ministry of Justice, a State Court with a special war crimes department and a State Prosecutor with competence for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. The definitions of these crimes in the new Criminal Code are set in Chapter XVII on "Crimes against Humanity and Values Protected by International Law"-articles 171-203.
Membership Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member of Friends of the ICC, Like-Minded Group (no longer active), Council of Europe, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
Country Updates
Audio Visual Resources
Author Date and Title
06 Apr 2012
Twenty Years On, Bosnia Struggles to Reckon with the Past
NGO Letters, Papers, Reports, and Statements
Author Date and Title
06 May 2015
Enforcement of damage compensation claims of victims of war in criminal proceedings in Bosnia and Herzegovina Situation, challenges and perspectives
Refik Hodzic, ICTJ
17 May 2012
Bosnia: The haunting legacy of Ratko Mladic
Apr 2012
Between Stigma and Oblivion
Human Rights Watch
12 Mar 2012
Justice for Atrocity Crimes: Lessons of International Support for Trials before the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina
09 July 2008
"Still Waiting: Bringing Justice for War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, and Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Cantonal and District Courts"
NGO Media Statements
Author Date and Title
Amnesty International
09 July 2015
Srebrenica: UN failure to pass resolution “an insult to the memory of the dead”
09 July 2015
Genocide denial at UN Security Council
22 May 2015
Bosnia: Criminal Code finally up to international standards following TRIAL's recommendations
Amnesty International
19 July 2013
Amnesty International France issued a statement of support for a law providing assistance to victims of sexual slavery in Bosnia
11 July 2013
NPWJ called for justice and redress for victims of the Srebrenica genocide
22 Jan 2013
OMCT and REDRESS submit a joint amicus brief to the European Court of Human Rights in a case of enforced disappearance in Bosnia Herzegovina lodged by TRIAL
Amnesty International
31 Oct 2012
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Time for Republika Srpska to make reparations for war-time rape