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Rome Statute   Belgium signed on 10 September 1998. It ratified the Rome Statute on 28 June 2000.
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities Belgium signed the APIC on 11 September 2002 and ratifited on 28 March 2005.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement Belgium has not signed a BIA.
Implementing Legislation Cooperation: On the 29th March 2004, the Belgium Law on Cooperation with the International Criminal Court and International Criminal Tribunals was approved. It was published on the 1st of April and is available at: Complementarity: Under the new Bill, adopted on 5 August 2003, Belgian courts will have jurisdiction over international crimes
if the accused is Belgian or has his primary residence in Belgium; if the victim is Belgian or has lived in Belgium for at least three years at the time the crimes were committed; or if Belgium is required by treaty to exercise jurisdiction over the case. Under Art 12 bis of the preliminary Chapter of the Criminal Procedural Code, Belgian courts remain competent for all
International Humanitarian Law cases if the accused is found in Belgian territory, even with no other nexus with Belgium,
unless the person is subject to an international immunity (according to the ICJ). The new law also considerably reduces
victims' ability to obtain direct access to the courts, unless the accused is Belgian or has his primary residence in Belgium, the decision whether or not to proceed with any complaint rests entirely with the Federal Prosecutor.
Membership Belgium is a member of Like-Minded Country, Eeuropean Union, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Council of Europe, Francophonie.
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Permanent Missions to the UN of Liechtenstein and Belgium
13 July 2012
Letter from Liechtenstein and Belgium on Rule of Law pledges to ratify ICC Kampala Amendments
Dec 2011
Statement made during the 10th Assembly of States Parties- Belgium
03 Dec 2008
Statement on the Eighth Report of the Prosecutor of the ICC pursuant to Resolution 1593