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Rome Statute   Switzerland signed on 18 July 1998 and ratified on 12 October 2001, becoming the 43rd State Party.
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities Switzerland signed the APIC on 10 September 2002 and deposited its instrument of ratification on 25 September 2012 at the UN Treaty Office.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement Switzerland has not signed a BIA. Formal rejection 14 August 2003.
Implementing Legislation On Monday 14 June 2010, the Swiss parliament adopted a bill implementing the RS into the Swiss penal code and providing for UJ over genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. For the first time, Swiss courts will have authority over crimes against humanity. The definition of the crime of genocide has been expanded to include acts committed against members of a ‘political or social’ group (in addition to national, racial, religious or ethnic groups). The acts amounting to war crimes will be more detailed. The law has no retrospective effect on crimes against humanity (only acts committed after the entry into force of the bill will be prosecuted). Acts of genocide will be prosecuted if committed after December 2000 (when a specific provision was introduced) except if committed against the newly defined political and social groups. There is no change for war crimes.
Membership Switzerland is a member of Like-Minded Country, Francophonie.
Country Updates
Enacted Legislation
Author Date and Title
19 June 2010
Loi fédérale portant modification de lois fédérales en vue de la mise en oeuvre du Statut de Rome de la Cour pénale internationale
Government and Inter-governmental Documents
Author Date and Title
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of the Swiss Confederation
26 Sept 2013
Declaration of Commitment to the International Criminal Court
Ministerial Network for the ICC
20 Sept 2013
Ministerial Network for the ICC goes public
18 Feb 2013
Switzerland welcomes the recommendations by the UN Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry that those responsible for human rights violations in Syria should be prosecuted
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland
14 Jan 2013
Swiss letter to the UN Security Council regarding the situation in Syria
Dec 2011
Statement made during the 10th Assembly of States Parties- Switzerland
01 Nov 2007
Statement by Switzerland during the 62nd General Assembly plenary meeting on Agenda Item 76: The ICC