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Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Rome Statute   Sri Lanka has not acceded to the Rome Statute. The government set up a working group to evaluate ICC ratification in 2005. No further information is available on this process at the time.
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities Sri Lanka has not acceded to the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement Signed November 22, 2002.
Implementing Legislation Not addressing the issue at the time.
Membership Commonwealth, SAARC
Country Updates
NGO Letters, Papers, Reports, and Statements
Author Date and Title
Sri Lankan Civil Society
16 June 2015
Sri Lanka Civil Society Condemns South Africa For Not Handing Over Sudanese President to ICC
Human Rights Watch
26 Feb 2013
‘We Will Teach You a Lesson’: Sexual Violence against Tamils by Sri Lankan Security Forces
International Crisis Group
16 Mar 2012
Sri Lanka’s North II: Rebuilding under the Military
International Crisis Group
16 Mar 2012
Sri Lanka’s North I: The Denial of Minority Rights
FIDH and other NGOs
16 Sept 2011
Human Rights Council called on to ensure accountability in Sri Lanka
International Crisis Group
18 July 2011
Reconciliation in Sri Lanka: Harder than Ever