Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Rome Statute   Rwanda did not sign the Rome Statute. The CICC organized a conference on the International Criminal Court on 14 September 2007 in Kigali. On this occasion, a delegate for the General Attorney’s Office declared that the ICC was a positive instrument in the fight against impunity, and that Rwanda should accede to the RS.
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities Rwanda has not signed the APIC.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement BIA signed March 4, 2003.
Implementing Legislation The new draft penal code includes the crime of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, and gives universal jurisdiction over these crimes to Rwandan tribunals, provided that the suspect is physically present in Rwanda. The Rwanda Constitution declares that statutes of limitations are not applicable to genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The Rwandan Parliament has recently adopted a law abolishing the death penalty.
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