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Rome Statute   Nicaragua did not sign the Rome Statute. A commission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is studying the compatibility of the Statute with national laws, but they have not reached any decision on the matter or prepared a report.
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities Nicaragua has not acceded to the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement Signed BIA on June 4, 2003. Ratified July 9, 2003.
Implementing Legislation In May 2008, Nicaragua enacted Law No. 641, a new Criminal Code which incorporates many of the Statute's crimes as well as complementarity provisions.
Membership OAS (Organization of American States), Rio Group
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Latin American NGOs
9108|9109 03 Oct 2008
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05 Nov 2012
Letter to President of Nicaragua
14 June 2011
CICC Recommendations from El Salvador Regional Strategy Meeting, 14 June 2011
Coalición Nicaragüense por la CPI
17 July 2009
Carta Abierta la Presidente de la República Daniel Ortega Saavedra
27 Feb 2008
Acuerdos de asociación de la UE con las Repúblicas de América Central de Costa Rica,El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras y Nicaragua
19 June 2003
Nicaragua: Legal concern/Impunity, USA