Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Rome Statute   Bahamas signed on 29 December 2000. The decision to ratify lies with the Cabinet, though the Attorney Generalís office provides significant input in the decision. The ratification dossier is currently within the Attorney Generalís office. No clear time frames are available at this moment; however, progress is being reported. It must be noted that during the 15th Session of the UPR, seven states recommended that Bahamas consider ratification of the Rome Statute.
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities Bahamas signed the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities on 30 June 2004.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement In 2003, the government was reportedly considering signing a BIA. To date, there is no confirmation on whether the agreement between these two countries did in fact occur.
Implementing Legislation The government is currently working on assessing the state of domestic legislation to ensure compatibility with the RS, as well as considering moving forward with implementation prior to ratification.
Membership Commonwealth, CARICOM, OAS (Organization of American States)
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