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Budget and Finance
Budget and Finance
The Committee on Budget and Finance (CBF) met at the Court in April 2005 to discuss the Court\'s budget for 2006. Credit: ICC-CPI.
The Budget of the ICC is drafted by the Court, under the coordination of the Registrar, and is approved and paid for by the Assembly of States Parties (ASP). The ASP has set up a subsidiary expert body, the Committee on Budget and Finance (CBF), to help the ASP with this complex process.

The NGO Team on Budget and Finance is one of the most long-standing teams within the Coalition, having been created at the sixth session of the Preparatory Commission to follow the preparation of the Financial Regulations. The Team deals with the methodology and process for developing and adopting the budget and budgetary issues in general. The Team monitors and gives input to the development of the draft budget by the Court and to meetings of the CBF and the ASP to consider and approve it. It relies on input from all other issue teams and plays a coordinating role in relation to the budget.

In addition to participating in and contributing to the Team, NGOs can help to inform States Parties about the importance of granting the Court the means needed to fulfil its mandate. NGOs can encourage governments to pay their contributions in a full and timely manner.

Background on issues related to Budget and Finance

For more information on this issue and the NGO Budget Team, please contact Matthew Cannock at [email protected].
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